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Fyrebrand is a short and sweet RPG about exploring a mysterious cave and fighting interesting enemies! A simple and care-free dungeon-crawler with a big focus on atmospheric background music.

There is also a small village nearby. Come and meet the locals! If you really like to check everything for flavor-text and hidden humor, this game is for you!


Buy Now$2.00 USD or more

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Had a funny dream where I was playing some retro games that I'm not sure I ever actually heard about outside the dream... this was one of them.  Googled and found a reddit post saying "Try my free game" only for the link to send me here where I must pay $2...  you might want to edit that reddit post.


Hey there everyone!

I seen this game out on Reddit and I thought I have to check it out. The game is a lot of fun great characters interaction dialog and also enemies. I particularly enjoy the fun encounters.

I also feel the music fits perfectly the story it tries to communicate and actually adds to the atmosphere. I enjoyed the random encounters though did feel they were quite quick and repetitive at times.

So hope you enjoy the video and I hope also that you continue to support the game and we get to see more updates in the future.


Thank you very much! I appreciate the shout-out and first impression. It is funny that I actually appeared in the video, since my reply to your message showed up live as an alert, haha.

I also apologise that the itch io page said Version 4 at the time. I had some technical issues and lost Version 4 so had to revert to Version 3.5 temporarily (for about 2 hours) so that was funny timing... Unless you just downloaded 3.5 and then I updated to 4 later.

It was also fun to see the other two games! So many great indie devs out there. Thanks again!


I'm glad you enjoyed the video :) I'm happy I got the chance to play your game. Thanks for the hard work gone into making it and for sharing it out otherwise might not have heard of it.

Keep it up with the dev. You can achieve and go far with this project :) 



Just completed your game in about 2 hours and had a fun time! Felt like one of the old RPGs on SNES/NES. I thought the music and graphics were nice..especially the spell animations. Spent most of my time in the cave and going back/forth to the item shop.  Normal mode kicked my butt...I really appreciated the easy mode! Even in easy mode, the final boss scared me a little haha

My main comments are regarding the village in the game.  I explored the village a bit and talked to a few NPCs but didn't know if there was more I was supposed to do? Some of the characters had multiple text options but not sure how the option I chose impacted the gameplay? Also was there something I was supposed to do at the farm and scarecrow?  I walked around the farm expecting to find fruits/veggies to pick up but couldn't find any. 

Some ideas that I had while playing the game... maybe you can have each "boss" can drop an item that is relevant to someone in the town. After giving the item to the person in the town, they would give you a reward. This might encourage the player to interact with the NPCs in the town more. Also, the farm might be a good opportunity for farming mini game? Just some random thoughts..no worries if you totally disagree with them! Keep up the good work!

Thank you so much for the feedback! I am glad the different difficulty options were a good idea, haha. I'm really happy you enjoyed the game.

Ah yes the village is meant to be a very simple experience. Flavor-text all over the place (with a lot of hidden humor, especially if you check everything more than once). The farm is just there for realism. The farmer sells crops to the Inn-Keeper who sells them to the player.

Really good ideas, actually! I did not even think of each Boss dropping a unique item, let alone an item that is linked to NPCs. I may have to add that as Version 5 heheheh...

You have been a great help!


OK, just downloaded your game.  On Fedora 32, I had to change nw.js to 44.6 (https://dl.nwjs.io/v0.44.6/) for the game to not barf out fontconfig errors when launching via nw.  Not sure exactly what version you had shipped with the game, but 44.6 seems to be working.  Not much time to play (going to when I shut up :D ).  But sofar I am diggin it!  Nice job, and kudos to the artist and musician (you?).  Well done.  Reminds me much of the old 16-bit RPGs from the SNES and TG16.  


Ah, thank you for pointing that out. I do try to make the game work on all 3 platforms but it can be quite the juggling act! The game making software literally just has 'Deploy - Linux' and you're done. No settings or config options...

I am so happy you like it! I am the game dev but not an artist and did not make the music, haha. I'm sure they appreciate the feedback! I do love the ol' 2D RPGs of the golden age. Thank you!


Played, enjoyed my time. I left a detailed msg for you on reddit =) Good work, keep it up.

Thank you! I'm glad you had fun.

I would love to hear what you have to say about the game! If you find any issues, please let me know and I will fix them. Have any ideas for changes you would make? Happy to hear them! Just wanna say you like it? Awesome!